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Feb 9, 2013 8:45pm EST
't thank you can come back and say mr. president i think three more brigades will do the trick. this is said. no coincidence within 80 months almost to the day obama appears and is pulling out all of the surge troops, all of them over the next year. he had dead good situation to portray this as a victory , a killing of some of them on in, and decimated troops, the afghan army is getting better but they did not need the extra 33,000 troops said they changed the mission. since then counterinsurgency has appeared it is now abandoned something we should not do and reverting back to an american and way of war. drums from the sky and commando raids and on the one hand at least reese don't send 100,000 troops to uganda but it sets up this solution of military operations other than war i'm sure somebody asked are we at war in mali or uganda uganda, there are not that many people on the ground but that is the problem that it creates an antiseptic depriving us of the view of mayhem and chaos on the ground and does suck us and it could be a good way to handle but we should not be fooled t
Feb 9, 2013 9:00am EST
, wonderful human being. >> guest: oh, thank you very much. >> caller: i'd like you to comment -- i have so many things i'd like you to comment on, but particularly on mr. obama's policies regarding the drones, rendition, lecturing to black people about their inadequacies and his support of the 1% and wall street and retroactive -- [inaudible] in telecoms. you know, i'm just very disheartened about this. and finally, the most important thing is why did mr. obama try to strong arm the president of south africa to keep president aristed there? and, last, you watch amy goodman and democracy now, and i had a hundred points i was going to e-mail you, but i said i can't bore mr. robinson with all my frustrations. but thank you again, again and again. >> guest: well, i should say that the president of south africa has to be applauded because he did everything to respond to president aristed's wish to go home. he and his wife mildred and their two girls had been in south africa for a long time. the south african government was, had been a wonderful host, but they wanted to go home. and i can't read
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)